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Domestic steel prices, starting in January

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Scrutiny DeTiaoGang and intermediate frequency furnace show to capacity determination
Entering 2017, steel prices have "off-season not light". 24, main rebar futures contract closed at 3292 yuan, the same day or 3.72%, since January rose up to 13%, prices rose more than 25% compared with the same period in 2015. Shanghai rebar spot price 3230 yuan/ton, flat many days in a row, but the prices rose more than 30% over the same period in 2015. Why the price of steel will get in good start in January?
"Now is a traditional off-season, steel flat on the spot market, futures market prices, highlights the market confidence in the recent information policy and the holiday market expectations." Analysts believe that relevant departments successively in multiple, head of the public said the iron and steel production capacity to resolve, and clearly put forward to scrutiny DeTiaoGang and intermediate frequency furnace, then multiple inspection team fanned out across for inspection, giving the market a clear policy signal, over the years failed to solve the problem of DeTiaoGang and intermediate frequency furnace, is expected to make substantive progress in 2017.
DeTiaoGang, in fact, as the main type of inferior steel, with low-quality low impact steel market for a long time. Expert introduction, some illegal businesses to scrap steel as raw material, through the intermediate frequency furnace to produce DeTiaoGang, low cost, low prices, and production, both to the normal steel market, or downstream of the construction market, constitute a "bad money after bad money" negative impact.
In recent years, although there are enterprises through the way of adding refining furnace improving the quality of intermediate frequency furnace factory products, but most of the time, the enterprise in the pursuit of low cost, for refining furnace to become an ornament. , analysts say, have an innate defects of intermediate frequency furnace, molten steel composition is not any adjustment, the equipment defect causes technical defects, make product quality with birth defects. Abroad to short process of scrap steel as raw material production is the use of electric arc furnace, which can effectively control the product quality, but the investment cost is higher.
Under the background of the iron and steel production capacity to DeTiaoGang and be a prime target for intermediate frequency furnace, giving the market a big policy expectations. Shen wan hongyuan securities analyst Meng Ye yong believes that cleanup will change to a certain extent of DeTiaoGang steel supply structure, good construction steel, the current real estate regulation policy for sales, investment and negative effect better than expected, the new development of steel price trend to form a certain support in the New Year.
"At present there are no city near the Spring Festival, the hong kong-listed quotation for holiday starts more reflect market expectations." Said Wang Hetao, an analyst at changjiang securities iron and steel industry.
Analysts said the steel prices rose in 2016, after rising space is limited, in 2017 but fell space is limited, more oscillation will be high. Although there is a breakthrough in the short term previous highs or below the previous low, but the supply side structural improvement for steel form good fundamentals. (guangzhou daily)


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